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Passover Printable DIY

I did a similar (okay it was basically the same) blog post/DIY a few years back, but somehow lost all the images, so I’m excited to update it and share it again! This DIY is pretty simple, and of course, delicious. However, my version is NOT kosher for passover. It’s super easy to get creative and pick your own candies for whatever your family celebrates, and it gives kiddos a fun opportunity to learn about the 10 plagues, while enjoying a tasty treat!
Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIY

Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIY

The first thing I did, is made a list of all the plagues, and headed to the bulk section at Wegmans. I think this is the hardest part! Picking out all the candy is tough! You have to get pretty creative if you’re planning last minute (oh hi!) but if you have time to spare, you can order candy frogs on amazon, or even make your own chocolate molds for other options! I do my best to avoid too many things that look alike, and then we ask everyone at the table to guess which one is which! I also try to get delicious candy (um boston baked beans? no thanks!) Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIY

Once you’ve got your candy, grab some cello sleeves (in the candy aisle or available online).

You’ll need:

  • candy for the plagues
  • x-acto knife or scissors
  • a ruler
  • a cutting board
  • cello bags
  • printer paper

stapler Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIYPassover Printable | Easy Passover DIY   Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIY Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIYJust download this printable, and cut it out, gold in half over your baggies, and staple it! I like to put one at each persons place setting (take a picture of yours and share it with me on instagram)Passover Printable | Easy Passover DIYThat was fun, and easy right?! Not to mention delicious! The hardest part AFTER picking out the candy is definitely not eating it all! I can’t wait to see them sitting on our fun passover sedar table, and see how quickly everyone knows which one is which!


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