Ask For What You Want

Freelance Advice / Handlettering by Ilana GriffoToday I’m sharing a story that I think is so important when you’re growing your freelance or small business. So here you go, some more unsolicited freelance advice.

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite designers, Promise Tangeman posted on facebook about a new member of her team, her intern Savannah. Savannah emailed Promise with complete transparency, and said that she saw there was an opening position, but she didn’t feel qualified for it, but thought she’d make a good intern doing similar tasks. She’s been working with Promise and the team for over a month, and it’s going great! What I love about this is that Savannah put herself out there, and asked for what she wanted, her passion and talent was obvious, so Promise created a position for her!

Along the road to the “yes” there’s bound to be plenty of “no thanks” or even no response (there will be SO many of those). They say it’s 7 No’s for every Yes – so every time you get a no, you’re still on your way to a yes!

The moral of the story – you don’t get what you don’t ask for! So many of my favorite projects have been because I simply asked! Obviously, having the portfolio, experience and skills to do a project is key, but don’t expect that people will just discover you – get your face out there, and talk to the people you want to work with!

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