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January 17, 2019

It’s finally here!!  After dreaming up the idea for Mind Your Business 2 years ago, people are reading, and holding the book in their hands! Time to level up your freelance life, get your wheels turning, and pursue that creative passion!

If you’re local – come celebrate with me at my launch party! Wine, chocolate, books, good company – you know it’ll be a good time! Bring whoever, come for a minute, or the whole time! There’s going to be a photobooth, amazing desserts (chocolate of course), and of course WINE!

Mind Your Business Book Launch Invite

I know a ton of you have questions about the book, so I’m excited to share this video with you made by the talented Julia Hart!  I’ll also be sharing a lot more behind the scenes about the process – so stay tuned for that!

I also had the pleasure of being on Good Day Rochester with Jennifer Johnson and Norma Holland! I was a little timid about being on the news, but of course said YES to the opportunity. Turns out – these lovely ladies made it as comfortable as could be! They were welcoming, passionate, kind, and made me feel like a total BOSS. Also – the whole thing from signing in, to getting in my car was about 20 minutes, so it literally FLEW BY! You can watch the clip below.

Already got your book? The first people who leave verified reviews on Amazon will get a FREE “work in progress” pin! So excited for people to wear those loud and proud on their jackets, or backpacks! Plus, it’s white glitter, sign me up!!! Just screenshot your review and email it to contact@paigetate.com with your address, and we’ll send you a FREE glittery cloud pin!

Looking forward to meeting so many of you Sunday at the launch party! If you’re not in the area, stay tuned on Instagram to see more!!




January 10, 2019

The past two years I’ve been working on Mind Your Business, and it’s ALMOST HERE! I’m kicking myself for not sharing the process of writing, pitching, and creating a book – but don’t worry, I have something up my sleeve to get you the inside scoop. Mind Your Business, a workbook to help you pursue your creative passion Mind Your Business, a workbook to help you pursue your creative passion

I was so thrilled when Beijos events (omg a Harry Potter Christmas? Yes please!) wanted to spotlight me and the book! They asked me some questions, and I dish out some advice for others who want to work for themselves. I loved reading about their story too – just some friends doing something together, FOR FUN!! Now look at it – such a beautiful space online, and I will definitely be getting LOTS of ideas on it!

Mind Your Business, a workbook to help you pursue your creative passionHead over to their site to read about my advice for other creatives who want to start their own business, or who are ready to level up!

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January 7, 2019

Using a Planner to Crush your 2019 Goals

I shared a confession over on Instagram that I thought deserved a longer post.

As the creator of the #ruletheworldplanner, you’d think I take my planner everywhere with me, and that I’m basically organized AF right? Well actually, the other day as I was shipping 2019 to my amazing customers when I realized I HADN’T EVEN PULLED ONE OUT FOR MYSELF! I didn’t even realize I was still using my 2018 copy. I leave mine open since I’m constantly looking at it, but I was ON THE WRONG WEEK to begin with! The planner has the first week of January included, but I hadn’t even noticed! Instead of kicking myself, I took the time over the weekend to grab my copy off the stock shelves, sit down and just get organized. (If you’ve been watching Tidying Up On Netlifx you’ve probably been doing this a lot).

I have always LOVED organizing – like next level…. I’ve been using the Konmari method for years, even before her book came out! My college roommate taught me how to do the folding, and I was hooked. I would go over to my friends house’s and help them organize and tidy up their closets. We’d take the trash out together, and I’d always get some found reward like a hand-me-down t-shirt that I LOVED or a new lip gloss they had never opened. I LOVE TIDYING. It’s no wonder I loved making a planner that other people swear by too! But if you’re NOT into it the way I am – that’s okay too, and if it’s mid-January and you’ve already given up on your resolutions – that’s okay too! Regardless of the calendar day, start somewhere, and get things moving!

Handlettered Inspirational Quote

It’s never too late to get started crushing your goals. Grab your planner, and make sure to use the ‘priorities’ section to figure out what matters most, the critical tasks that deserve your attention. My favorite tip is to split up your to do list by priorities – figure out what’s urgent, and what can wait. Break each one into smaller tasks so the items are your list are actionable and will help propel you forward! Keep tagging me when you share your #ruletheworldplanner online –  it make me SO happy to see . you crushing it! I love seeing how you’re using them to keep up with your work and priorities for the year!

As far as my actual goals that are currently on my mind – I’ve been thinking a lot about “still but not static”. For me, that means working up a big hill, slow and steady. I want to feel more present, and purposeful, without driving myself up a wall. Moving forward, and enjoying the ride. I didn’t set any specific monetary goals, or a specific number of sales. I’m excited to create more art and make more time for play!

Thanks to Sam Allen Creates for this adorable photo!

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December 1, 2018

It’s the craziest month of the year!! December is always jam packed with delicious food, and time with family, for me – that’s a lot to look forward to! Last month we traveled to visit family, and braved our first flight with a one year old! We survived!!

This month’s quote “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop” is from Confucius. It’s such a great reminder in this season of “go go go” that you can take your time when you need to. Do one thing everyday that will help you get to your goals, but don’t let it overrun your mental health, your sanity, or the things that matter to you (spending time with friends and family this season). It’s okay to take a day off without beating yourself up, make a game plan for how you’re going to tackle your goals, and be prepared so that nothing can get in your way. If you haven’t already, be sure to order your 2019 Rule The World planner so you’re ready to tackle January when it sneaks up on you! 

This month’s coloring page is yummy veggies, which we all could use a few more of when we’re probably binging on delicious desserts on the regular. 


November 30, 2018

Heard (or obsessed) of Instagram Gifs? I’m guessing you love Instagram as much as the next person, and if you spend more time watching stories than mindlessly scrolling through your feed (not better, just different – it’s the new Netflix) – then you’re probably obsessed with those adorable illustrated Gifs you can add to your story to give it a little something special. I love them so much, that I decided to create my own, and show you how to also! 

You can take the class (it’s less than 30 minutes) and you’ll be able to get your own adorable gifs up and running to add to your stories! It’s easy, simple and fun! Hope over to Skillshare, take the class, and then share your gifs on Instagram and tag me so I can see them! It’s so fun to get a little silly with them too! There’s so many ideas, and I can’t wait to see what you make!!


November 29, 2018

I posted this image to Instagram a few days ago, and your responses have been giving me ALL THE FEELS! Some of you laughed about having all of these emotions in just a few hours – and I can totally relate! So if you’re feeling this way, just remember that you’re NOT alone. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, you can feel so pumped one second, and so much like an imposter the next! We ALL feel it, no matter how “successful” someone appears to be – this feeling doesn’t go away – it’s all part of the process! Imagine if we felt the same EVERYDAY, life would be boring! So if you’re feeling a low today, I encourage you to recognize those feelings, and know that life (and every hour) is full of ebbs and flows, and you’ll get through it! I’ve found that talking with friends, sharing your feelings, and taking time for self care (maybe that’s a bath, or a massage, or a run) really help me! Head over to the post and let me know what helps you get out of your rut, and don’t forget to document the highs, and the lows in your Rule The World Planner

Tons more honest boss talk in my upcoming book,
Mind Your Business!

Mind Your Business!