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November 30, 2018

Heard (or obsessed) of Instagram Gifs? I’m guessing you love Instagram as much as the next person, and if you spend more time watching stories than mindlessly scrolling through your feed (not better, just different – it’s the new Netflix) – then you’re probably obsessed with those adorable illustrated Gifs you can add to your story to give it a little something special. I love them so much, that I decided to create my own, and show you how to also! 

You can take the class (it’s less than 30 minutes) and you’ll be able to get your own adorable gifs up and running to add to your stories! It’s easy, simple and fun! Hope over to Skillshare, take the class, and then share your gifs on Instagram and tag me so I can see them! It’s so fun to get a little silly with them too! There’s so many ideas, and I can’t wait to see what you make!!


March 9, 2017

Emerge Prepared AIGA

This week AIGA Upstate New York hosted an event at RIT called Emerge. We asked 5 incredible local speakers to come give tips to students about to enter the “real world”. These speakers really brought their A-game!

The first speaker was Taira Perrault, who works at Partners and Napier. Taira talked about her journey from graduation, to landing her dream job. Taira took a humbling retail job after school, but had her eyes set on a job with Partners and Napier. She crafted a very specific piece for the CEO of Partners, and hand delivered it. They were blown away by her creativity, and she landed an interview within an hour. The rest was up to her. Having a portfolio, a resume, and a website often isn’t enough, but that extra step showing that you did your research and are ready to go above and beyond – that’s what really counts. Promote Yo’ Self people!

Melanie Rogala spoke next, and talked about her experience as an in-house designer. She talked about the benefit of working on a small team, about advocating for yourself, and broke many stereotypes about working in-house. Melanie loves job, has a great team, and a lot of room to play. As she said “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys gold foil and spot UV printing!” She also made a great note about how wonderful blazers are, and how marketing people are basically unicorns. Basically her metaphors were on point. 

TC Pellett spoke next, and talked about social media. TC owns his own business (note I didn’t say “is a freelancer”) and talked about having your own voice online. He reminded everyone that the most important thing we can do for people as designers, is to tell a story. He reminded students to be consistent and be human with their online presence, and to engage with people. He’s worked with so many agencies in the area, so it was really great to hear so many case studies from his clients.

Patrick Haney is not a sausage. His 10 minute talk was all about your web presence, and leaving an impression. He has an amazing ice breaker that people remember him by, and stayed with him for years. Him and his wife run Hanerino, and they’re my neighbors (they seriously live in the coolest mid century house). He also pointed out some cool ways that students can show their work online without building a custom site. While making online connections are great, he encouraged people to meet offline as well. If you can’t find a group that fits your needs, go make one! His “ice breaker” made everyone laugh, and reminded everyone that you should embrace your weird, because it makes you stand out!

To finish off our event, Katelin Pellett (TC’s wife – talk about a power couple!) talked to everyone about what she does at Causewave, paying it forward, and how to ask people for advice. Katelin took a job she loved, and believed in, she might take a smaller paycheck, but her passion for her job WAY outweighs that. Her job motivates her, and that’s worth everything. She serves as the president of the RAF, and encouraged students to get involved. The professionals involved in RAF and AIGA are the ones who can give these students jobs when they graduate (or internships!) so getting involved, and getting off campus is SO important! Katelin’s got serious style, and she speaks so eloquently to a group. She speaks with confidence, and enthusiasm, while infusing her personality throughout.

I was blown away by the professionalism, the advice, and the crowd. We had great questions from the audience, and the information proved to be really valuable for the students. Thanks again to everyone who came out!


November 7, 2016

I always do a lot of traveling in the fall, and I was feeling stressed about packing in a carry on for so many different trips in one week. I made a bunch of lists, and decided to turn it into an organized printable for you to enjoy!Sugar and Type free packing printable

There’s plenty of room the bottom to add extras, but this will cover all of your essentials! Don’t forget to tag us on instagram @sugarandtype, and tell us about your travels!


October 7, 2016

excelsiorama typeface designed by UNY DesignersYou know how they say “it takes a village”? Well this village (AIGA UNY) got together and made something pretty fantastic. Over 30 designers contributed to “excelsiorama” a typeface by graphic designers living and working in “Upstate” (not NYC) New York. We each got to pick a letter (or number) and take our own spin on it, making the typeface fitting for every wacky situation. Check out this awesome feature on How Design. This project shows the power of having fun, and collaboration. Thank you so much to Tyler Fink for organizing this circus show (also fan girl time – how cool that I get to meet people like Tyler and all the collaborators through AIGA and design?) You can too – just join AIGA! (shameless plug).



September 29, 2016

Behind The Boss Podcast with Ilana GriffoI’m so excited to share another podcast feature! I loved talking with VK of Behind The Boss podcast! I’ve been working with VK for a few months, and it was a pleasure talking with her in a totally different setting. Be sure to check her out and listen to the episode!

Sidenote: VK TOTALLY knocked it out of the park with her podcast deliverables. Not only was she super responsive, but she said thank you in the most gracious way, and made sure to send me an organized email with all the links and resources so I could share the podcast. WHAT A CHAMP!

September 26, 2016

I loved working with Lindsay Stephany to give her brand a little update. She came to me looking for something her offbeat couples would relate to and love. She wanted something whimsical, but quirky, and I’m in love with her color choices! I love finding the balance between the clients brand story, and my work. Finding that harmony always surprises me and I love seeing the results, and hearing about my clients journey’s! Be sure to check out her work!Lindsay Stephany Watercolor logo by Sugar & Type Lindsay Stephany Brand Board by Sugar and Type Lindsay Stephany Branding by Sugar and Type Lindsay Stephany Branding by Sugar & Type Sugar and Type custom wax seal photographer branding and business cards by Sugar and Type



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