April 30, 2014


If you’re a blogger, and even considering offering ads on your site, I highly recommend checking out Passionfruit. It’s an amazing resource, and will definitely open some new doors, and is bound to start some new friendships with fellow bloggers. I used passionfruit in the past, but removed it when I went on my blogging hiatus (nobody should be paying for ad space when I’m not producing content!) but now it’s back! I’m bringing it back as a motivation to myself to blog more, and to help me find new blogs I want to add to my Blogroll! If you want to advertise on my site, just head over here, and see what you think!



April 10, 2014

DoitforloveI recently stumbled upon Rock N Roll Bride, and knew immediately I wanted to keep this blog on my radar. The pink hair alone had me fan-girling, but then I discovered the incredible content. This post really resonated with me. Lately, I’ve been having some great conversations with fellow creatives in a similar position as mine, and we’ve had discussions about authenticity many times. When you’re trying to make ends meet by being a creative force, you have to stay true to yourself, while pushing your boundaries. You have to look forward to those client projects that serve as a huge creative challenge. While we might hate doing our taxes, or wearing one of the thousand hats, we have to embrace it, and remember it’s part of what gives us the opportunity to own our own business. I work nights and weekends because I LOVE THIS. I choose to do this, and am so lucky I am able to. Kat said “why not take a part time job to pay those bills while you pursue the kind of career you really want?”. CAN I GET AN AMEN!? Starting your own business is scary, uncertain, amazing, and a lot of work. Putting in those hours is totally worth it, especially when you remind yourself “this is allowing me to do what I love”.


April 7, 2014

mailchimpThis week I finally got my act together, and I made my first Email Campaign! I figured I’d share it with you incase you’re thinking about starting one, and how it all works. Major props to Erin for answering some questions for me (she’s pretty great, and I bet you’ll be hearing more about her on this blog soon!)

If you’re on WordPress, anyone can subscribe to your blog, and they’ll get an email from WordPress with your newest blog post! This is a great option, but I wanted to be able to customize it, and control it a bit more, so I decided to use Mailchimp in conjunction. They work together really seamlessly, it’s incredible.

01. Get an email list! Tell your friends and fans that they’ll get an email when you post something new, how great is that?

02. Make sure it’s easy for people to subscribe – is it on your blog somewhere they can enter their email?

03. Make sure Mailchimp and WordPress are connected.

04. Get to work! Mailchimp + WordPress are a match made in heaven. They have plenty of templates to choose from, so if you’re not too comfortable with photoshop or html, start with a template!

If you have questions let me know, and if you found this helpful be sure to reach out, I’ll continue to post things related to freelance and business!



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