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September 11, 2019

I’m so honored that I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend Becca of The Happy Ever Crafter recently to share 5 easy tasks to help you grow your creative business. Before you watch the video, be sure to download the workbook!

Becca did a perfect recap of what we talk about in the video so be sure to hop on over to her blog. We cover speaking to your ideal client, using social media, and much more!

One of the best tips I mention in the video is that you want to build relationships. That takes time, and social media isn’t the only way (hello introverts – I see you!).

I’m excited to share the video with you. Feel free to reach out on Instagram or email if you want to continue the conversation!



May 7, 2019

I’m here to tell you exactly HOW I doubled my Pinterest stats in one month, for free. I realized a few months ago that I needed to utilize this platform more (for reasons I’ll share below) and I’m excited to share what I learned along the way.

Double Your Pinterest Stats in One Month

Do you know where your ideal clients are hanging out? Which platforms are they most active on, and which conferences are they hanging out at? You might immediately jump to a specific platform, but to be frank, you could be totally wrong! I’ve spent a lot of time planning content for Instagram over the years – because it’s where I enjoy spending my time the most. I mostly use the platform to share my work, and I assumed that’s why my followers were there too. After some research, I realized that a lot of my following is full of my peers (hey that’s you!), so I changed the way I approached the platforms, and looked into my other platforms too!


First, figure out where your people are – are they hanging out in facebook groups, looking for your services on Instagram, getting into witty conversations on Twitter, or are they spending most of their time on Pinterest? While there are probably dream clients on each one of the platforms, I’m going to focus on Pinterest today, and how I increased my traffic in ONE MONTH FOR FREE.


I love delegating. When I first started working for myself, I wore too many hats, and didn’t wear them all well. Now, whether it be a system or a person, I’ve found ways to make my life easier by handing off tasks. For Pinterest, I looked at both options, and decided to do my research and try to make the platform work best for me before investing in a Pinterest Manager (yep, that’s a thing!). I started by hopping on Pinterest and searching for articles about growing your account, and using it to get people to your site. I read them, took notes, and got to work. The one common thread I noticed was people talking about Tailwind – a Pinterest scheduling app. I actually already had the app, but hadn’t really used it much because I didn’t understand it (evidence that you get out of things what you give in), so I decided to give myself one month to learn what I needed to, and see how it goes. Using an app is absolutely a form of delegation, it’s affordable, and helps you be more effective with your daily tasks. Once you’ve finished the free trial – the app is 9.99, which is a small price to pay for delegation!


Within a day I started seeing results. I wasn’t looking for more followers, but more clicks to my website, and more views on my content. Over the course of the month I actually doubled my average views, and I know to keep up with it will require dedicated time and energy. The app is super easy to use, you add an extension to your browser (I use Chrome) and instead of pressing the pinterest button, you can click on the tailwind Icon, and schedule your pins. The program automatically spaces out your pins, making your account more active and involved throughout the day (instead of just at 1am when you’re wide awake and pinning from under the covers). Here are some things I love about it:

  • Schedule Pins for a whole month – this is exactly what I did. I spent about a week constantly pinning, and spanning them out throughout the month. One day’s work for a whole month of results.
  • Put your popular Pins on Loop – You can have your best content re-appear as if it’s a new pin, but it’s just circulating instead of having the same pin a thousand times.
  • Join Tribes to build community – This is a great way to connect with others, and help each other spread your best content. It’s typically a “one for one” – where you’ll pin someone else’s content in exchange for yours. They’re large groups, and you should find one that makes sense for your brand.
  • Check stats and analytics easily – I saw more blog comments, and figured out my most popular content which helps me create better content in the future.


There’s a ton of other ways to use Tailwind, and I haven’t even scratched the surface, but what I’ve learned so far is working great for me, and is allowing me more time to spend creating the content I want to see in circulation. I’m learning what my customers are looking for, and love the ease of it. There are tons of resources online to learn more about the app, and other systems (like creating custom board covers) but this has been working just fine for me, and I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!

There are plenty of people offering Pinterest management if this all feels like too much work for you – like my friends at Pinegate Road! Either route you decide to go, I hope this helped you figure out which route to go, and that you learned something!

March 7, 2019

Online Workshop and Masterclass for Creative Entrepreneurs

I got an email from a peer about five years saying she was going to pursue and grow her creative passion, but wasn’t sure how to make it “legit”. I sort of laughed at the question, because I knew what she meant, but also it sounds so silly. What defines “legit”. Ultimately, she wanted to make sure she filed the correct paperwork to make sure she was doing business legally, and professionally, but it goes so much deeper than that. This feeling of legitimacy and success are vague, and we can make our own definitions of them, but we seem (I know I’m not alone here) to have a hard time doing so. Over the next few months we talked about what steps she needed to take to make her business both legally sound, and also “legit” enough for her ego. I’m happy to say she’s kicking butt, and has even opened several new ventures along the way!Grow your Creative Passion into a Full Time Job with the Mind Your Business Online Workshop

The business side definitely doesn’t come easy to most creative entrepreneurs. The thought of doing taxes alone could make you want to pull your hair out and give up, so I saw a need for a tool that people could use to help make the hair-pulling work make a little more sense, and be a lot more fun! I realized that The left side (thanks mom!) helped me with my creative passion, and the right side (thanks dad!) helped me stay organized, do the research, and pick up business skills without any formal training in it. This was a gift, and I’m so glad that I get to share what I learned with the world through my book, Mind Your Business.

Over the past two months, I’ve been blown away by the response with the book launch – which is currently in over 35 indie Stories, major chains like Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon, and Joann Fabrics. Pinch me! But honestly, if I was buying this book, I’d have a hard time actually writing in it – it’s pretty (of course) and it feels so permanent to write down my two years goals, or five year goals in PEN on something so beautiful that I want to keep it forever. To overcome this, I figured I’d do some hand-holding through “Mind Your Business Workshops”. I’ve got the first two under my belt, and I’m so excited to be teaching the next one next week ONLINE! Doing the class online is allowing me the opportunity to reach people in other cities, states, an even countries! Hello to my attendees from Paris, California, Arizona and beyond! It also allows people the comfort of staying in their pajamas, which is basically what life is all about.

Incase you’re still wondering if this workshop is for you, here’s a little info about it.

  • The workshop is UNDER $50! Need I say more? I want this information to be available to anyone who wants it, so I priced it where I feel valued, but that someone even just starting their business would be able to invest in. While you don’t need a copy of the book to come to class, I’d recommend it – plus, amazon has it on sale for under $15.
  • There’s a Live Q&A – While you don’t need to attend live, I encourage it for this alone. The Q&A is your chance to ask me anything specific to YOUR business, your growth, your struggles.
  • Access to a private MYB Facebook group – a great place to ask questions about the book, about your business, and connect with other women. The goal of keeping this group private and small is so that it doesn’t add NOISE to your daily social media experience. Instead, it’ll be there as a resource when you need it.
  • It’s small, and mighty. I’m keeping the workshop small – I mean… tiny! Because I want to actually get to know you, and allow you all to ask questions without the workshop taking 4 hours of your time listening to someone else’s business questions.
  • I’m not pitching ANYTHING. This is the pitch. I’m not trying to sell you on some $400 course, some bigger plan, or some other product you MUST HAVE to get your business thriving. Literally, this course is about how to get clients, keep clients, tangible advice on kicking ass, and making money.

Got more questions? Just email me, send me a DM, or comment here and I’ll be sure to answer them! I know you’re amazing at your craft (whatever that may be) and I can’t wait to hear more about it, and watch you thrive!

Sign up for the workshop here, see you in class!
January 23, 2019

Last weekend I threw a launch party to celebrate my book Mind Your Business! Of course, that whole weekend was a blizzard, the grocery store shelves were completely empty (no joke) and the roads were tough. Granted, we’re familiar with snow, so most people have a car that can handle the roads, a shovel, and salt, but it’s a lot easier to stay inside, with some hot cocoa when it’s a snow day. I found a perfect venue for the event, send out invitations, promoted it on the news earlier in the week, and had been posting about my party on social media for weeks. It’s a big deal, and I was excited to celebrate, and I had a LOT of chocoalte I didn’t want to go to waste! When Sunday rolled around, I didn’t want to cancel, so I figured, if no one turned up, at least I had a good reason why!

I was so touched when people started showing up, two friends even came in FULL SNOW GEAR because they WALKED (trekked may be a better term) to get to the event. I felt beyond loved, and was so excited to see everyone’s reaction to the book.


A huge thank you to Living Roots and Chuao Chocolatier for helping me put together an amazing event! To all my friends who baked, and showed up for me – it meant the world to me, and I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures!


January 23, 2019

I’ve been a fan of The Paper Chronicles for what feels like FOREVER, so I’m thrilled that today my book Mind Your Business is featured on it! If you’re a paper fanatic like me, be sure to check it out! It’s my go to for everything stationery and paper world!

Pick up your copy today!  


January 17, 2019

It’s finally here!!  After dreaming up the idea for Mind Your Business 2 years ago, people are reading, and holding the book in their hands! Time to level up your freelance life, get your wheels turning, and pursue that creative passion!

If you’re local – come celebrate with me at my launch party! Wine, chocolate, books, good company – you know it’ll be a good time! Bring whoever, come for a minute, or the whole time! There’s going to be a photobooth, amazing desserts (chocolate of course), and of course WINE!

Mind Your Business Book Launch Invite

I know a ton of you have questions about the book, so I’m excited to share this video with you made by the talented Julia Hart!  I’ll also be sharing a lot more behind the scenes about the process – so stay tuned for that!

I also had the pleasure of being on Good Day Rochester with Jennifer Johnson and Norma Holland! I was a little timid about being on the news, but of course said YES to the opportunity. Turns out – these lovely ladies made it as comfortable as could be! They were welcoming, passionate, kind, and made me feel like a total BOSS. Also – the whole thing from signing in, to getting in my car was about 20 minutes, so it literally FLEW BY! You can watch the clip below.

Already got your book? The first people who leave verified reviews on Amazon will get a FREE “work in progress” pin! So excited for people to wear those loud and proud on their jackets, or backpacks! Plus, it’s white glitter, sign me up!!! Just screenshot your review and email it to contact@paigetate.com with your address, and we’ll send you a FREE glittery cloud pin!

Looking forward to meeting so many of you Sunday at the launch party! If you’re not in the area, stay tuned on Instagram to see more!!





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