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March 4, 2019

Checking in for your monthly reminder to grab your #ruletheworldplanner, and start writing down those goals and accomplishments for March! I’m so excited to be featuring Kelly Place, a talented friend and kind human! Her work is so whimsical, and I loved hearing about her productivity tips, and favorite March activities! 

Working Around Inspiration | Artist Interview

What does a typical day look like for you? Because being a Mom to three is my primary job right now, a typical day looks like a lot of lovingly controlled and thoroughly enjoyed chaos. I usually manage to stay in bed until 7, thanks to my husband getting up with our littlest before work. We try to balance our day with a good mix of outdoor time (exploring our backyard woods, learning how to harvest flower seeds, and using every piece of sports equipment that we own) with bits of creative play and screen time mixed in. And snacking. SO MUCH SNACKING. Time spent with my children fills my well of inspiration: listening to them laugh, watching the way the sun illuminates their play, and seeing endlessly random color inspiration in the outfit combinations they choose each day. If I have anything left in me by evening time, I try to fit in a quick workout, followed by approximately 1-2 hours of SOMETHING. Responding to emails from the day, drawing in my sketchbook, working on a commission, or sitting on the couch watching Netflix with yarn in my hands. I probably stay up way too late for our daily activity level, but the evening hours are my me time, and they are so necessary for unwinding and letting the inspiration materialize in some way.

Why did you create this quote for the planner? I have always loved this quote. I think it’s easy for us to feel like we aren’t being big enough activists, contributing enough to organizational efforts, making enough calls to all the right people… but so much goodness can come from making intentional efforts in small communities. We can raise children who don’t think twice about lending kindness where they see a need. We can hold ourselves to high standards of love and acceptance. We owe it to ourselves and to this precious earth.

What’s your favorite productivity tip? I’m lucky to not be under any tight deadlines most of the time. In general, I work when inspiration hits (or at least write my genius down), and I don’t force it when I’m not in the mood.  Lists help me keep jobs organized and feel accountable for personal projects, too. Also, if you have family or a community you see regularly, mentioning prospective ideas out loud really gets the ball rolling, since you KNOW everyone will be asking for updates!

The important stuff – what’s your favorite dessert? If I had to choose, I’d almost always pick a homemade cookie. Rich and chocolatey, light and lemony, buttery and flaky, loaded with bacon or nuts or salt. Cookies have me forever.

Current Netflix binge: Can I include Amazon Prime instead? Really amused with ‘Bored to Death’. Jason Schwartzman really pushes my late night humor button.

Brunch or happy hour: Happy hour! I am a perpetual snacker, but having a designated time to sit down, slow down, and enjoy some tiny foods with good company is always my choice. Plus, we are big fans of breakfast foods at any time of day in our house. 🙂

What are you currently working on: Children’s book illustration, and commissions!

Favorite activity for March: Hands down, picking out flowers online for the garden! I have a perennial buying addiction. And dreaming of corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day!

You can find Kelly’s work on her website or on Instagram

February 1, 2019
I’m so excited to kick off this monthly Rule The World Planner series featuring some seriously talented women! This month, I may be a bit bias, as the featured artist is (drumroll please!) my sister, Danielle Sara! Danielle makes incredible glass and ceramic pieces that truly make drinking water so much more special. She manages to do craft shows, produce art, and stay inspired all while still working full time as a high school art teacher. I love her dedication to her craft, and how no matter what idea she has – she’ll find a way to make it work! She truly makes the time for her craft, and schedules it in like an appointment – even with plenty of other jobs keeping her busy! Danielle’s been a huge inspiration from me, since growing up I copied everything she did, eventually finding my own voice. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders, and I’m one of hers, so having her artwork included as the first coloring page is so special! I can’t wait to introduce you to her, and see how you color in her beautiful drawing! What does a typical day looks like for you? I am a full time high school art teacher, glassblowing studio coordinator/teacher and maker, so a typical day is working at school followed by making art and spending time with my hubby and dog. Why did you create this pattern? For me the mountains mean clarity and energy from nature’s beauty.  They are a meditative space that is cleansing and fulfilling. We all need positive energy in our lives! What’s your favorite productivity tip? Use your planner! Duh!  With 3 jobs and a life (sort of) I need to know when I need to be where and what needs to get done. My planner goes EVERYWHERE with me. Plus crossing out the tasks you finish on paper is so much more fulfilling than doing it digitally.  Not to mention going back and looking at all the things you did that week or month, it can make you feel so productive! The important stuff – what’s your favorite dessert? Frozen yogurt- preferably soft serve but lets be real, I will eat it all! Current Netflix binge: Is and always will be “The Office” and “Parks and Rec”. Brunch or happy hour? Brunch everyday What are you currently working on? My current focus is on full table settings made with glass and ceramics, tying together my 2 loves. Favorite activity for January: January is the best month because you can downhill ski, or cross country ski, or snowshoe, make snow angels, snowmen, hike in the snow, and drink hot chocolate and chai lattes.  I am pretty enthusiastic about the snow and give me all the winter clothing please!
You can visit Danielle’s shop, or see more of her work on Instagram!
January 7, 2019

Using a Planner to Crush your 2019 Goals

I shared a confession over on Instagram that I thought deserved a longer post.

As the creator of the #ruletheworldplanner, you’d think I take my planner everywhere with me, and that I’m basically organized AF right? Well actually, the other day as I was shipping 2019 to my amazing customers when I realized I HADN’T EVEN PULLED ONE OUT FOR MYSELF! I didn’t even realize I was still using my 2018 copy. I leave mine open since I’m constantly looking at it, but I was ON THE WRONG WEEK to begin with! The planner has the first week of January included, but I hadn’t even noticed! Instead of kicking myself, I took the time over the weekend to grab my copy off the stock shelves, sit down and just get organized. (If you’ve been watching Tidying Up On Netlifx you’ve probably been doing this a lot).

I have always LOVED organizing – like next level…. I’ve been using the Konmari method for years, even before her book came out! My college roommate taught me how to do the folding, and I was hooked. I would go over to my friends house’s and help them organize and tidy up their closets. We’d take the trash out together, and I’d always get some found reward like a hand-me-down t-shirt that I LOVED or a new lip gloss they had never opened. I LOVE TIDYING. It’s no wonder I loved making a planner that other people swear by too! But if you’re NOT into it the way I am – that’s okay too, and if it’s mid-January and you’ve already given up on your resolutions – that’s okay too! Regardless of the calendar day, start somewhere, and get things moving!

Handlettered Inspirational Quote

It’s never too late to get started crushing your goals. Grab your planner, and make sure to use the ‘priorities’ section to figure out what matters most, the critical tasks that deserve your attention. My favorite tip is to split up your to do list by priorities – figure out what’s urgent, and what can wait. Break each one into smaller tasks so the items are your list are actionable and will help propel you forward! Keep tagging me when you share your #ruletheworldplanner online –  it make me SO happy to see . you crushing it! I love seeing how you’re using them to keep up with your work and priorities for the year!

As far as my actual goals that are currently on my mind – I’ve been thinking a lot about “still but not static”. For me, that means working up a big hill, slow and steady. I want to feel more present, and purposeful, without driving myself up a wall. Moving forward, and enjoying the ride. I didn’t set any specific monetary goals, or a specific number of sales. I’m excited to create more art and make more time for play!

Thanks to Sam Allen Creates for this adorable photo!

If you want to one of the rule the world planners to help you write it all down, use the code “CHEERFUL” for 20% off!!
December 1, 2018

It’s the craziest month of the year!! December is always jam packed with delicious food, and time with family, for me – that’s a lot to look forward to! Last month we traveled to visit family, and braved our first flight with a one year old! We survived!!

This month’s quote “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop” is from Confucius. It’s such a great reminder in this season of “go go go” that you can take your time when you need to. Do one thing everyday that will help you get to your goals, but don’t let it overrun your mental health, your sanity, or the things that matter to you (spending time with friends and family this season). It’s okay to take a day off without beating yourself up, make a game plan for how you’re going to tackle your goals, and be prepared so that nothing can get in your way. If you haven’t already, be sure to order your 2019 Rule The World planner so you’re ready to tackle January when it sneaks up on you! 

This month’s coloring page is yummy veggies, which we all could use a few more of when we’re probably binging on delicious desserts on the regular. 


November 2, 2018

Still on a candy hangover? Nope? Good, me either (Jk – stretch pants for the next month!) The best part about this new month is that you can officially get organized, because the 2019 Rule The World Planner is HERE! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know we had a little hiccup, but your support and messages were the perfect cheerleading we needed! It’s all worked out, and I love seeing you all receiving your planners, and start planning ahead for next year! 

This month’s inspiration is from my friend Kelsey. What a boss this girl is! Be sure to follow along, and get to know Kelsey and the amazing empire she’s busy building! This quote she lettered for the Rule The World Planner is so perfect, and such a good reminder that I find myself needing very often. Pick ONE thing you can do today, and make that your priority. Keep a running list of other things you MAY want to do, and revisit it from time to time so you can pick one to focus on. This is a place I struggle a lot on weekends – I find myself making a list of 10 things we need to accomplish, and then feel disappointed when we only get to 2 of them. Now, I make a more manageable list, and keep a “long term” list where I can pull from when we’ve got time or energy to tackle something else. It’s helped me so much and given me so much headspace! 

As you receive your new planner, be sure to tag me and #ruletheworldplanner so I can follow along! 

October 1, 2018

It’s Fall Ya’ll!!! Time for fall inspiration and your coloring freebie from your favorite planner and organizer! The days are getting shorter, which sucks, but fall is so beautiful in Upstate New York, I can’t be mad about it! Another month, another fresh start.

Inspiration Quote from Jen Sincero

With your pumpkin spice latte in hand, grab your Rule The World Planner, and start reflecting on your accomplishments from September, and your goals for October. Feel free to add “apple picking”, “pumpkin spice lattes” and all the other fall essentials to that goal list!

This month’s quote from Jen Sincero is such a good one (duh, they all are). It’s normal to feel fear about big ideas, big changes, but they can lead to amazing things! I think feeling a little fear can be a sign of passion, a sign of reality. A good reminder that you can’t please everyone, but start by pleasing yourself! Face your fear, acknowledge it, and move forward. I want to hear what fears your facing – maybe it’s starting a business, maybe it’s writing a difficult email. Head over to Instagram and let me know so I can cheer you on!


Don’t forget that 2019 Planners are available for pre-order! Limited edition, so be sure to grab your copy before they’re gone, and you’ll receive it this month so you can start to plan ahead for your best year ever!



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