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November 29, 2018

I posted this image to Instagram a few days ago, and your responses have been giving me ALL THE FEELS! Some of you laughed about having all of these emotions in just a few hours – and I can totally relate! So if you’re feeling this way, just remember that you’re NOT alone. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, you can feel so pumped one second, and so much like an imposter the next! We ALL feel it, no matter how “successful” someone appears to be – this feeling doesn’t go away – it’s all part of the process! Imagine if we felt the same EVERYDAY, life would be boring! So if you’re feeling a low today, I encourage you to recognize those feelings, and know that life (and every hour) is full of ebbs and flows, and you’ll get through it! I’ve found that talking with friends, sharing your feelings, and taking time for self care (maybe that’s a bath, or a massage, or a run) really help me! Head over to the post and let me know what helps you get out of your rut, and don’t forget to document the highs, and the lows in your Rule The World Planner

Tons more honest boss talk in my upcoming book,
Mind Your Business!

Mind Your Business!

November 20, 2018

I couldn’t resist putting together a gift guide for my favorite girl boss friends! I LOVE gifting, much more than I love receiving (because I’m so dang picky, and I hate clutter). My fellow boss babes are so important to my creative career, so showing them a little extra love this season is really special!

girlboss gift guide

Tee – I’m LOVING these embroidered t-shirts – giving your shirt just a little something extra! Any extra motivation for the day is A O K with me!

Watch – Function and fashion in one! Having a watch has helped me unplug, and you can $15 off your purchase with “ilanagriffo15″

Mascara – This mascara is BOMB. A few years ago I switched most of my products to natural products, and finding a mascara proved to be the most difficult. These one feels great, and looks amazing. I’ve never had so many compliments on my lashes before. Every mascara lover needs this in their bag! 

Hydrate – I feel like your Mother, but it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re juggling a million things at once. This waterbottle is sleek, and built for people on the go! 

Caffeinate – For all my ladies who mean business.  

Educate – Love this class from Molly Jacques – full of great ideas and advice on growing the passive side of your business! She’s so kind and talented, taking her class feels like sitting down to coffee together! 

Backpack – Carrying a backpack was a game changer for me – I always have what I need, and my back doesn’t feel like I’m a 90 year old with a walker! 

Sketch – No brainer – for all your brilliant ideas!

Planner – Maybe tooting my own horn, but this one’s definitely made for you! With budgeting, goal setting, and playful coloring pages & inspiration each month. 

Pencil Case – A little motivation never hurt anybody! So many cute colors and styles – because who doesn’t have 12 pens floating around their bag?

Writing Tools – These markers from Tombow are so fun to play with – a must have to getting your craft on! And if you’re going to use a regular pen, why not make it super fun to look at?! 

BooksMind Your Business is my first book!! I still can’t believe I wrote it, and I can’t wait for you to see it. It’ll help you create a roadmap for your journey, and you’ll document all the goals you crush along the way. Pre-order it now for yourself, and one for your girlboss bestie. Create and cultivate the career of your dreams with this wonderful book, Work Party. 
Make Yourself Cozy was written by my friend Katie, and it’s the sweetest book to help you practice self care! 

Did you know the Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday? Support your favorite small business owners by purchasing from their shops, every SINGLE makes a world of difference! Enjoy shopping for your girlboss bestie – honestly, where would you be without them?!  

November 14, 2018

Screw the starving artist mentality! You can flourish as a working artist, having a career that not only brings you joy doing what you love, but also makes you money! Especially with the ebbs and flows of working for yourself, taking the time to make sure you’re set up with systems around your money is so important. One of the best things I did for my business was getting an accounting software from the beginning. When I first started freelancing, I was also working a full time job, so making sure everything was kept separate helped me immensely during tax time, especially since I was doing my own taxes! Now, working with an accountant, I simply export all the information for my CPA and she can work her magic, saving me time, and headaches. Freshbooks has made my accounting so easy, and seamless!

This post is a partnership by Freshbooks, but all opinions are my own. I’ll make a small commission if you sign up for freshbooks using my link. I truly believe in the service, and only share products I truly find value in.

Keeping track of everything also helps you evaluate.  You can easily look at categories to help you figure out where you’re bringing in the most money, and what parts of your business are sucking you dry. I love that I can quickly look at my monthly expenses (even on the go), and get invoices sent and paid for in minutes. 

Whatever software you use, it’s never too early to get started. You’ll thank yourself when tax season arrives and everything is laid out beautifully. Plus, your clients will be so impressed when they receive an invoice for you that’s got your brand elements on it. They’ll love that they can quickly pay with a credit card, and you’ll love getting paid even faster than waiting for them to dust off their checkbook and mail it your way. 

April 5, 2017

Inspirational Quote from the Rule The World PlannerApril showers bring May flowers! We’re getting a ton of showers over here, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful and blooming May!

This month’s quote comes from the dynamic duo, Amy and Jordan. I met Amy and Jordan through a friend a few years ago, and WOW has it been amazing to watch their business grow! They’ve built a beautiful business where you just can’t get enough – they have so much fun all the time, and they’re quick to share their favorite tips, and help other people grow their photography business. I asked them if they could contribute a quote, and I love what they said. How much you made will never matter as much as the difference you make. Can I get an amen?

Download your inspirational print here! 

December 1, 2016

Let’s be honest, the holidays are both absolutely amazing (some might argue the best time of the year), but they can also be super overwhelming. Print this list to help you stay organized this crazy wonderful time of year, no matter what you celebrate!


November 22, 2016

Sugar and Type 7 Reasons to Shop Small this holiday season

Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK and that means holiday shopping madness starts NOW! With tons of craft fairs, black friday deals, and a million ways to shop from your pajamas, here are some reminders of why shopping small is so incredible.

  1. Unique and one of a kind
    When you buy from a local craft show, a local shop, or online from someone locally, there are a TON of handmade items. This item won’t be found in every department store, but that doesn’t mean it’s not popular. These items have something extra special about them!
  2. Meet your maker
    When you shop at your local craft sales you actually get to meet the person who made what you’re buying. Chances are, they’re super cool and you’ll want to be their friend (see number 4 & 6).
  3. Better than a pinterest DIY fail
    Don’t wait until the last minute, try something you found on pinterest, and then realize you totally failed. Adding a handmade element to your gift is great, but you don’t have to make the gift all by yourself. And let’s be honest, you’ve got a lot of shit to do.
  4. Grow your community
    You grow your personal network, and your community as a whole. You can make a new friend, or introduce an old friend to someone you just met! This helps the local shops thrive, which leads to the next item on our list!
  5. Support your local ecomony
    Local companies support local jobs! When you shop local, you’re giving right back to your community. The money goes back into the community, and supports a thriving economy.
  6. Makes a good story
    When you buy a gift locally, you get to tell the recipient all about your experience. Maybe your friend happens to own the shop, or maybe the company started kickstarter, maybe they give back to a non-profit that you strongly believe in. Each local item (even food) comes with a story! When you meet the marker, you can learn their own story and share it to make each gift really an experience.
  7. Super cool shit!
    Honestly, some of the most beautiful pieces come from your area! Talk about getting inspired! We’ve got everything from jewelry makers, to soap makers and I love knowing that my purchase helps them pursue their passions.

How are you shopping small this season? Head over to instagramand tag your favorite shop so I can check them out!


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