Changing How We Talk About Money

I think it’s about time we start changing how we talk about money. Over the past two years, I’ve consciously made a decision to shift how I think about money, so when my mom called me out for the way I was talking, it was a great reminder that I needed to check in with myself.

Changing How We Talk About Money | Handlettered by Ilana GriffoWe’ve been working on some major home updates, and I had my eye on some beautiful wallpaper. A few things about wallpaper: you can’t take it with you, you’re “stuck” with it for a while, it’s amazing and beautiful, and a pain to install. I found one I really loved, and was almost certain I’d be putting it on a mini wall in our nursery. I looked around for alternatives, but really loved how it would make an impact in the room. I settled for only doing a mini wall (we’ve got some interesting configurations over here), but ideally, a full wall would have been amazing. Granted, it’s not a huge investment, but once I realized I could do a much less expensive “faux” wallpaper, I started saying “I can’t afford wallpaper”. Thanks Mom, for bringing me back to reality. Of course I can afford it, but it’s not where I WANT to spend my money.

Instead of focusing on what you “can’t afford”, focus on what’s going to fulfill you – will spending your money on X make you happy, or would you be happier buying Y and Z? I’ve found Caroline Joy’s capsule-ish wardrobe to be a major contributor to how I changed my mindset. I also read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck!” and took what I resonated with from both. I didn’t follow the book to a T, and some chapters didn’t resonate with me (or were things already ingrained in me!), but I found value in both! I’m loving that each purchase has more purpose, and intention behind it, and I really appreciate the items I surround myself with daily.


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