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Danielle Sara

Branding and Web Design for Danielle Sara Designs

Danielle is such a blast to work with, I loved getting an opportunity to collaborate to design her brand. Her glass made home wares, and jewelry as so bright, so playful, and beyond beautiful. Holding them in your hand, wearing them, drinking from them, you really feel the love, attention, and detail that goes into each piece. Her brand includes unique features, a strong classic logomark, and playful colors. We wanted to bring that through her brand with some hand made elements. For her colors, we included a range of colors she frequently uses within her work, so that she can use them to coordinate with her packages. Her square business cards are a unique shape, letterpressed, with a hand painted watercolor on the reverse side, making each card unique, just like her work. Her packaging has two options, one for boxes, and one for soft bags for jewelry – continuing the look of something handmade, we included organic dots to look like a splash of color. Her e-commerce website has fun parallax polka dots, and will feature beautiful imagery of her designs. Branding and Web Design for Danielle Sara Designs