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Little Black Buddha

Little Black Buddha is building a scalable mindfulness practice and education business. Starting out as a lifestyle company, and growing to a mindfulness and wellness organization. This serves as a look at the next three to four years of growth with Little Black Buddha. The mission is to help guide clients towards a sense of peace and purpose within the chaos of everyday life. To help create a refuge and solace for and within themselves. Little Black Buddha makes the tools and practice of mindfulness accessible for people who exist within marginalized communities. I loved working with Ahlia, the founder, to create an identity system that would grow with her as she started this company. Giving her the tools to create a cohesive look, and helping her create a safe space for women of color to learn and practice meditation to help them find room to breathe (figuratively and literally). I can’t wait to see how this brand grows over time.

Brand Design for Meditation & Mindfulness studio Little Black Buddha