STOP Focusing on Dumb Shit

I’ve been posting these quotes each month (sort of) on sugarandtype.com since they’re all about the planner, but I wanted to write a longer post about the last quote I featured in the #ruletheworldplanner.

I think part of it has to do with giving birth to an actual human being, and the other part has to do with experience, but I’ve definitely noticed a shift in my focus lately.

When I was stuck in a job that didn’t fulfill me, I kept telling myself I needed to change my attitude. I needed to remember that this job was giving me the cushion to pursue my passions, and I’d eventually be able to leave (which I did, three years ago!). It was WAY easier said than done! It’s really hard to put on your big girl pants, and smile through something that doesn’t bring you joy. I spent a lot of time at that job focusing on things that weren’t worth my energy – like the tiny little things about the job that bothered me. Instead, I needed to focus on getting the work done, and the things about the job that were fantastic (my team was AMAZING, and I had lunch EVERYDAY with one of my BEST FRIENDS). Now, as I enter a new chapter in life, motherhood, I’ve found it’s a BIT easier to stop focusing on dumb shit. It’s not easy, but it’s easIER to check in with myself and ask if worrying about XYZ is valuable, or a waste of my energy. Plus, I’m tired, so my energy is in demand these days!

Are you wasting energy worrying about things that don’t really matter? Check in with yourself, journal, or talk to a friend who can help you remember that your energy is best spend on what really matters, and where it makes you shine!

Thanks Gary for the quote, and starting this conversation!


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